Have you ever just looked out of your window at the falling rain drops and got lost into it for some seconds? This happens to me every time I get a chance to look out of the window and witness the lovely rhythm of the rain drops falling on leaves, the cool breeze and that petrichor which emanates when rain drops hugs the dry particles of soil. I always feel incomplete and later after missing somewhere in deep thoughts I find myself smiling for no apparent reason. It’s because at that moment I am getting flashbacks from my beautiful childhood. Do you remember the life all of us had when we were kids? In case you don’t just steal some time out of your busy life and go sit with a kid. You will feel their innocence and believe me that will make your day. You will notice that their way of looking at the world and embracing the life is much simpler yet magical.


Have you ever noticed that a kid is always smiling and smiling to everyone without having a concept of boundaries of casts, creed, color or religion? That’s because they know that smiling is always free and they spread happiness with their one giggle without any expectations.


Have you ever noticed that a kid easily starts weeping when they’re hurt or when their toy is taken away from them and some times when they are hungry too? That’s because it’s a natural process that a human’s eye turns wet over his pain and loss.


I am sure you have seen a kid always sharing whatever he has to the loved ones? The reason is that they care without an ounce of greed and love without conditions and limitations. You must have seen two kids fighting one moment and then hugging each other the very next second that is because they believe in forgiving and have a new beginning.


And the most important phase of kids life is when he learns to walk; he walks in stagger, falls on ground but never gives up, stands up with a new hope and starts walking again.


Believe me, in the urge to become young early than the time, to work at a better place, to earn a lot and in the race to live a luxurious life we have forgotten to live the life. We don’t remember the basic lessons to live a life and how to live the life for and with others. We have missed out the way we used to smile at every little thing, missed out the way we used to care and sacrifice for others, missed out the way we used to find chances to show the people how much we love them. We are not willing to cry now over our losses but we always allow ourselves to shed tears in our hearts and make ourselves hollow from inside.


We are always ready to debate hours long about humanity and human rights but we are not agreeing to give basic rights to a poor. We are raising our voices to kill the terrorist but we don’t want to strangle the hatred in our hearts for the people of other casts. We always lights candles for the people who die in any big mishap but we don’t help a poor to burn a taper in his house.


But it’s still not too late to make changes to ourselves. Now we need to feel the difference this growing process has brought with itself in us. We need to understand the exact purpose of being a human being is to help others and live for others but not to try to hurt and eliminate others. And in the end, life is meant of live and not to earn, earn and earn with just wishing to live it some other day. Learn to smile without any big reason, laugh on silly jokes, love without expectation, give without greed, care without discrimination and to relish life at its peak because remember you just live once and once is enough if you have lived in the way it is supposed to be lived.


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