They knew they were getting together, holding hands, looking in to each other’s eyes and listening to each other for the last time. No ifs to stop each other, no buts to have an excuse to stop by and no whys to question for there was nothing they can do to reverse the hourglass. Everything was pre-planned; some decisions taken by them and some decisions signed by God.


He had rooftop all decorated with lights and flowers like she always wanted and so did God plan to turn the sky in a stage for stars. He picked out the best of her favorite slow tracks to play when she will enter and so did God order the wind to blow slowly on her entrance. He covered the pathway with rose petals and so did God make it final to spread the scent of flowers everywhere. He enlightened the roof with candles as well and so God turned the moon high in sky at its fullest.


Everything was perfectly in place and it was the long moments of wait that were difficult to spend. Both of them were waiting, He and God. As she placed her right foot on the roof his heart skipped a beat and whole universe heard a heart breaking down for the girl she imagined walking with a bouquet just entered in her dream night with an oxygen cylinder. He rushed towards her to lend her a hand and took her to table where everything was placed as she ever wanted. She couldn’t help herself from crying with happiness but they knew the end was near.


They spent an hour talking about their life together, the plans they had, the wishes they made and the dreams they dreamt with long pauses filled with silent sobs but loud voices asking many questions. Just when they were having one of many pauses they saw a shooting star but none of them wished for anything for they now knew that is all a lie, everything they have believed this long is just a lie.


This time when she sobbed she lowered her head to place it on his shoulder. He could feel her heart beating slow with every moment passing and she could hear his heart breaking more and more with her every sob. They wondered what a beautiful synchronization that each sob breaks heart of one and lowers the beat of other? The time they spent together that night was not really much but it seemed like they spent years in minutes and a century in one hour. They had their time together and it was God’s turn to meet her so He blew slow wind whispering in her ears “come back to me, my kid.”


She knew their end was no more far than some minutes so she held his arm tightly for she did not want to leave him alone, their dreams incomplete, their life at doorstep and his life in ruins but this time there was no but to hold onto. Just as she used to like, God blew wind with mist of flowers carrying rose petals, moon shining at its fullest and her favorite melody in the background and her ride ready to take her. She closed her eyes to had a flashback of all of their moments together, took a deep breath and opened her lips to say something but the sand ran out in the hourglass and her free moments ended. She was nothing more than a body without a soul lying in his arms.


He took her in his arms and shed tears with sky crying for them. He was surrounded with deep darkness and no moon to shine on sky; not his moon to brighten up his life with her enchanting smile. He held her close to his chest wishing for their hearts to be synchronized at this moment too. This was a perfect night for her but for him good-bye was not easy. He wanted her to be with him always but the decision was final as God had his plans ready.


Specially Dedicated to

Aiman Rabbani- My favorite reader and a good friend and Sana Younas who’s as dear as a sister.


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