Dear Long Distance Friend,

I have heard it a million times that distance kills relationships but now I guess some stupid minions just don’t leave you no matter how long the distance is, no? (Yeah, that minion is you) We were badass to take this challenge on us and cheers to us that we are still going against the waves. I don’t like stupid girls but how did you make it in my life dudette? (JK!)


Oh, you were such a cry baby when we met and sorry to mention but I definitely got tired of you always crying. Crying for grades but not studying at all, crying for health but not leaving junk food, crying when something went wrong but still poking your nose in matters of people who didn’t give a damn about you, crying for friends but always going after wrong ones and what was the deal with crying in movies and series?


I never understood how we became friends where I am so fierce all the time and you always shiver after every fight and this makes me remember the time when you fought with a girl and then came to me as whole world is crashing down. You could not even breathe properly and later on we actually did celebrate it. (You finally learnt something from me)


Every friend keeps seat for other but you sneaked in my lectures just to spend time with me and we bunked lectures just to have gossips about relationship status of people around, commenting on outfits of every passing person and cracking inside jokes.


I believe in the time we were together some part of you became part of me and some part of me started residing in you. And when our tiny little world was perfect God made you leave town for good and I am actually glad because our mutual madness was growing beyond boundaries this world could handle and this I am sure about because we became one soul in two bodies. I miss the way we started getting angry at the same person at same time, fighting for each other, making each other smile and feeling each drop of rain together while everyone else was enjoying it from behind the windows.


In these two years, everything changed- this world moved on and so did our lives, you got friends and I made a few too, you grew strong and I felt weak sometimes, you got busy and it is hard for me to find time. One thing that proved to be super elastic is our friendship. I love the way I cry on phone and you want to kill the person who is the reason, the way my heart break in one city makes you pray for my happiness in city far away, the way my success makes your cheeks glow up with happiness and how our worlds are still the same though we’re distances apart.


Dear, bestie of all time let me mention that I am so thankful to God to make you my friend , to watch over me when I break, to let you make me stronger than ever and I wish this never ends. Thank you for being my sunshine in stormy days, for my reason to smile in teary weather, for my star to show me way to what I am today and for always having my back. You rock minion.


I am still counting on the days when I will see you and hug you again.(Hoping that time comes soon) There are some forevers that ends soon but I know our togetherness forever is a real long time forever- BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!

Dedicated to Nida Zia- who’s always been my strong pillar of support and has taught me much in life.


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