People say, “Everything happens for good.” This theory holds at many places but some situations make me question this theory, Does really everything happens for good? There are usually two types of people, I know, in this world; ones who don’t trust anyone and sometimes not even themselves. Then there are ones who belong to second category, who trust less on everyone but when they think they have known someone well they trust that person fully.


The people belonging to first category spend most of their life in complete isolation but the people of second category are the ones who suffer from the heart breaks but they are still very strong; they never stop giving chances to new people and believe in new starting.


People belonging to second group sometimes face such conditions that they are almost on the verge of losing the capability to trust anyone. There are many such situations and one of them is when someone beloved betrays you and leaves you all alone. In the world we live people wear beautiful masks to hide their scary and mean personalities.


Human is such a creature that he’s never happy in any situation; he always wants everything and then more of everything. These people always target the ones who trust easily and takes advantage of their being soft-heart. Pure heart people do everything and anything they can and to every extent for their loved ones. But then there comes a stage when people are no more satisfied with what they are getting and they start finding reasons to leave, they start hurting and opening their question box that can even break down the heart of a very strong person.


One of the most painful things is when you’ve done everything for a person and in reward you just get a question that what have you done for us? You’ve always supported a person, fought with the world for him, made him smile, took a good care of him and did every possible sacrifice for him but one day he comes to you and tells you that you have not done anything for them; that’s the time that pure heart who used to care crumbles down into pieces and not just that the trust they lied in them crumbles down along with it.


And the destruction is even bigger when such words come from a friend. The loss of a dear friend is such a great that Joseph Roux said, “We call a person who has lost his father, an orphan and a widower that man who has lost his wife. But that man who has known an immense unhappiness of losing a friend, by what name do we call him? Here every language is silent and holds its peace in impotence.”


The pain is heartbreaking and forgetting everything is not just that much easy as people tell them. Every little thing like jokes going around, songs, hangouts, happy faces and simply everything reminds them of their friend who left them. They miss talking to the one they used to talk to everyday. Being kind and soft heart is both a blessing and a curse too and here it shows how it’s a curse.


Life is so unfair sometimes but it still goes on and one must have to go with the flow in order to survive. May be its God’s way to save them from more heartbreak because He understands how much it hurts. Sometimes life takes you to a road where every path leads you to the same destiny when you’re holding onto someone you got to let go, no matter how much it hurts, someday you’ll see why there’s a good in some goodbyes.

And then in the end it’s true that EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR GOOD.


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