At 12 in night, door was opened silently and two feet walked in slowly with pin drop silence. A heavy office bag was dropped some steps away from the door. Some more steps were taken and laptop was placed on the center table in sitting lounge. Heading towards kitchen some dishes were observed on dining table all covered carefully. Everything was ignored as it is done in everyday routine.

With a cup of coffee in one hand other hand was stretched out to open the door of room. Lights were still on and her eyes were left wide open at what she saw. Her room was bathing in colored balloons, party bloopers were on table, shimmer all over walls, some gifts wrapped up on table with her favorite chocolate cake and a note nearby. In confusion she looked at her phone’s screen as it lit up. It was a message from her mother reading:

“Don’t forget to come home early. Its mother’s day and all I want is to spend an evening with my young lady”

On her bed she found her lying. She sat next to her, holding her hands and her journey down the memory lane started. She felt the same warmth of hands as she used to when she started taking her steps, those hands which held her tiny hands and taught her to walk, same hands which were always up behind her like a shield to save her from falling and getting hurt, hands that used to teach her how to write, hands who made her boats to swim in rain water, same hands which used to cold sponge her when her temperature went to 102 and the hands which were always up in praying for her at every sunshine and in every cold night.

Picture Credits: Km Berggrey

Her eyes fell on her face. A smile was still up there and that made her feel safe and relieved as usual. It was there when she made her colorful handmade cards, when she told her in broken words how much she loves her, when she got A+ in report card, when she got her a flower specially plucked on mother’s day, when she mentioned that she is a proud mother of a girl and when she used to get a little time out of her kids busy routine.

She could see those bright eyes closed and the dark circles of tiredness around them. She could clearly see the effort and love put in making meals, washing clothes, making everyone happy, doing errands and never complaining of getting tired. She could clearly look at the sleepless nights, no time to care for herself and killing her own wishes to fulfill others hidden under those curtains of dark circles.

Her eyes couldn’t control the burden of tears anymore so one fell down on the hand she was holding. It woke her up and those kind eyes got the glance of tears in her eyes, held her head in those warm hands and kissed her forehead with those ever sweet lips. That is when she realized how much her mother was getting old with her growing young, how much she needs to spend time with her and how lonely her life would be without her. She knew her debt is the one that can’t be paid but she felt sorry for not making an effort to pay back.

Picture Credits: Km Berggrey

She hugged her best of all best friends and told her how much she loves her after a long time. She was once again that tiny toddler who used to wrap around her mother just to feel safe and loved. Words came out quickly and unbroken this time but purity was still the same. Her mother hugged her back and suddenly all the universe felt happier than ever, future brighter than the sun, winds melodious as lullaby, home no less than heaven and heart as light as a feather. Suddenly all her tensions faded away and she felt home once again.


PS: This is dedicated to the woman who bore me, raised me and made me what I am. May God keep me blessed with her presence in my life (amen).  


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