Last Year. Last Semester. And Last exam. As I put a full stop to the answer of the last question I solved I began to walk towards examiner to hand over the exam. While I move forward I see that I won’t be sitting in that exam hall again surrounded by my classmates, asking them answers, trying to save myself from eyes of examiner as I whisper answers to my friends when they say “I just want to match if mine are correct”, hall filling up with laughter on some silly joke of one joker of class and teacher shouting at us all with threats that never became real. I approach towards the cafeteria of university which is always crowded with kids but empty this time.

I sit on the lonely stairs and look at the ever beautiful scene of dawn and dusk waving hi to each other and clouds turning into a ravishing piece of art with red, orange and yellow colors spread all over. I watch the sun that is drowning in sea of clouds, I could relate myself to it. I let myself fall deep into memories I gathered in four short years of my university which seemed long before. I see the person I was when I walked in with a lot of dreams in my eyes no different from my fellows. I recall the moments I made friends, lost some over the period of time, crying over pretty little fights, patching up with friends before the night falls, copying assignments, group study one night before the exam, exchanging sheets during exams, arranging urgent meetups to do gossip, talking through gestures from different corners of room, hanging out together and having each other’s back.

Group of students gossiping at the university

We just lived all those seconds without even realizing that we were making memories; memories which we will miss sometime later. As I surface from those flashbacks I find myself saying hello to the person I was a few months ago. A person whose eyes were opened to the fact that degree period is breathing its last breaths and soon everything will be over, we will be done with our university lives and the bubble of our amazing childhood days would be burst to never be blown up again. I stopped living moments because of the fear of missing these days later made home in my heart. I was haunted by never living these minutes again, having same gathering, watching my friends laughing, pulling each other’s leg, sharing tears and smiles and the feeling the warmth of that unconditional love. I wished if somehow wheel of time could be stopped from spinning and world becomes still.


I said goodbye to that person and as I opened my eyes after a deep breath I felt satisfied by the person I am now. One who lives the last gatherings with my circle to the fullest, cherish the jokes, ending the fights, killing the doubts and making the chain stronger. Though deep down in my heart I know I still have that fear somewhere locked down in mysterious chamber of my heart but I believe words someone said to me someday,

“That’s the beauty of time it can’t be stopped and it has to move. All you can do is to live your present at the best so, when you look back you have peace in your heart knowing you did fair to time!”


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