Dear God,

While I was a kid I was told that you are my best friend and the one who takes care of all my needs. I grew up asking my parents to buy me things but I always looked towards you through the deep dark skies to answer me and guide me. Mom said you love me more than she does and I was confused because to me there was no greater love than hers. I asked her that how could it be? But she told me to trust you and all will be fine. And I did trust you with all I had in my heart.

I remember the nights when I was wide awake and everyone else in world was asleep except YOU. I could see those humble eyes looking at me from those high skies and I never felt afraid to share the regrets I haven’t told to anyone else, I never saw judgment coming when I told YOU my mistakes, I never faced opposition from YOUR side when I shared my plans with YOU and I never felt alone with YOU by my side.

There came times when I thought YOU left me like my best friends, I felt you are angry at me like my parents were sometimes, I felt my wishes being ignored like my elders did mostly and I felt no one can pull me out of darkness like everyone including YOU. But to my amazement whenever I was losing trust in YOU and ending up in questioning our bond YOU always came in like my all time favorite HERO to hold the end of YOUR promise to never leave me alone.

Though there are many people who love me a lot and are ready to prove it to me all I know is YOUR love for me is incomparable and limitless. I was lost many times and I did make mistakes but with my every mistake YOUR grip to my hand grew stronger and within YOUR hands I always feel safe. YOU are my HERO, my Savior, my Guide, my Mentor, my Light, my BEST FRIEND, my PARENT, my SIBLING, my TEACHER, my WELL-WISHER and one who is with me like HE is a part of me and I am a part of HIM.

And still when I am unable to guess why I love YOU, I realize, I love YOU because of the promise that I will never be alone on any path of my life whether easy or set on thorns, the belief that YOU will never abandon me even if my blood relations will, the trust that YOUR love for me has no end even if all the romantic love die out of my life and the belief that YOU have in me that I can be as good as YOU created me!


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