Death…. From the second we enter this world we are taught to fear death and spend our lives escaping its sharp eyes. We forget that we are just on a journey which will end one day. We forget that this life is nothing more than a mere stage where we are put under limelight to dance like puppets. We think our thread is in fate’s hands when in reality we solely are responsible for the consequences we face. We spend all our lives grinning at the thought that we will trick death. We think we can defeat it so we fulfill all our heartiest desires. We indulge in wrong doings, we do unfair to others, we lie, we kill justice when poor needs it the most, we cheat on people who love us and we deny that God is present everywhere while His eyes keep watching all we do.

And when the hourglass is about to run out of sand we realize that God is still watching us, we accept that we are on a journey that is about to end, we see the fact of show getting over waving at us and we recall all the wrong we did. We hear the footsteps of horse running, we see a horse approaching us with someone riding on it but the sandstorm blinds us and when it’s some steps far we see death. We see death riding on it wearing a black veil with hunter in its hands and fire of fear all around it. Our eyes could not bear the fact, our hearts start beating faster, our mind yells at us to run and hide but our legs stay frozen, our posture stiff and our body still as if it is stuck in sand. And before we could say sorry to God or shout out for help

Death puts its hunter in our neck and drags us all the way with it to the darkest and deepest valleys where there is nothing but fire, tears and grinding of teeth.

It leaves a lesson for the ones who stay behind and for the ones who wants to learn. The marks of dragging tells the tale of inevitable and quotes that death will come soon so be prepared for it!